Episode 5: Ashley Woodson Bailey

Episode 5 of Surviving Sarah is with my friend, Ashley Woodson Bailey. We met when our daughters were in first grade together. We had a playdate and she told me her story and I was blown away and I knew I wanted her to share it with you. She survived a near death accident--one where the odds were against her. She is a wife, mother to 3 and acclaimed floral photographer.

We talk about everything from surviving our kids to surviving major change. There is so much in this conversation that encouraged me to be comfortable with who I am and to keep my priorities in line.

Ashley's Survival Kit:

  • TV show: Telenovela
  • her husband
  • Prozac
  • Her Friends
  • Flowers - she said she communicates the best through flowers
  • Vans -  she lives in these shoes

Links to the show:

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