Episode 6: Jennifer Walker

Today's episode of Surviving Sarah is with my friend, Jennifer Walker. Jennifer has been a pediatric nurse for more than twenty years who is a wife, mother to three boys, sought after public speaker and authored several books. In my opinion, she is what you might call a parenting expert whose heart is to equip parents with practical advice to help them not only survive parenthood but walk through the challenges without feelings of despair. You can find her books and information about seminars and consultations at Moms On Call.

I have contacted Jennifer personally many times over the past seven years for guidance and support. Most of my conversations with her begin with, "Jennifer, tell me I'm not crazy and that my daughter isn't going to be in jail one day." Jennifer has a calming effect as she counsels and directs parents. I always leave our conversations feeling like "I can do this." I know you will feel the same way!

Jennifer's Survival Kit:

  • Interacting with other moms and employing laughter. It's important to engage in relationships with other adults.
  • God's word

Connect with Jennifer: website // Facebook

You can find all the resources that Jennifer provides on their website. I hope you felt just as encouraged as I did after listening to Jennifer's advice. She has such a calming presence about her. She said that she wants to be your cheerleader, and that is exactly how I felt after talking with her. 

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