Episode 4: Leslie Word

My friend, Leslie Word, joins me for episode 4 of the Surviving Sarah podcast. Leslie and I met many years ago when we joined the same small group back when we were single. I even introduced her to her husband so I take full credit for that. She has always been a smart, kind and driven woman. And you can see those qualities still existing in her today.

Leslie has been married to Brian for 6 years and a mother for 4 years. She became a mother in several different, unexpected ways from foster care to international adoption to legal guardianship to biological birth. She has four kids ranging from 1 to 21 years old. We talk about her story of unexpected motherhood and the lessons she has learned through each process.

Leslie's survival kit includes: 

  • Self-care with Rodan & Fields
  • Coffee (hallelujah!)
  • Finding community online - Because of moving states and being a mom of 3 little ones, getting out is hard so finding and investing in community online, like FB groups, has been helpful.

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Thanks for listening to the show! This show has been the most fun and I wish I had started doing this years ago! We had a big moment this week because iTunes put us on the New and Noteworthy section of the Religion and Spirituality category! You guys, I am over the moon! Thank you for sharing the show and leaving reviews--that's how people will find the show. I would L O V E it if you would go over to iTunes and give the show a review--that will help others find Surviving Sarah.