Friday Finds :: New Year's Edition

Happy New Year!!!! I thought it would be fun to kick off the new year with a Friday Finds post that looked back at the best finds of 2015.

I'm going to break it down to what has been my favorite things in my survival kit for the 2015:


  • Jeans from Forever 21 - They are soft and fit really well--plus they are under $18!
  • Mindy Mae's Market - I have purchased four items from this shop and LOVE them all. 
  • Green Utility Vest - It has been a staple to my wardrobe this year. Here is one similar to mine which I got from Charlotte Russe, but is no longer available.
  • Project Free 2 Fly purse - most recently, I bought a clutch with a crossover strap, but I could buy one of everything and this organization empowers women. Win, Win.


2015 was the year of Podcasts for me (clearly since I started one!)

  • The Popcast with Knox and Jamie - I seriously look forward to Wednesdays as much as I looked forward to NBC's Thursday line-up back when Friends was on. You need this podcast in your life in 2016. Click here to see their suggested starter episodes.
  • Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey with Jess Connolly Episode 47 - At one point, Jess talked about how she has been handling her self-worth lately and it has literally changed me. I firmly believe that it is why I was able to step up on the scales at the doctor's office boldly with booties and layers on. She said that daily she raises her hand and says, "I take myself out of the running for being the ____." So for instance, "I take myself out of the running for being the most attractive girl in the room." Life changing.
  • The Lively Show episode 100 with author Melissa Gilbert - Melissa talks about her new book Big Magic which is all about creativity and fear. This episode was so good that I listened to it twice!
  • Off Camera with Sam Jones - my two favorite episodes are #28 with Will Ferrell and #46 with Connie Britton. 


  • Ben Rector - I discovered him when I was looking for music for the show and his song, When I'm With You, captured exactly what I wanted. So Ben, if you are reading, please let me use your song! I'll be your best friend.
  • Amanda Cooke's You Make Me Brave album - This was on standing repeat most of the year for me
  • The Popcast with Knox and Jamie's Spotify Covers Playlist - If you love cover songs, then you will LOVE this playlist.
  • My two favorite dance tunes were Silento's Watch Me and Bruno Mars Uptown Funk


  • Check out my previous post to see what books I read in 2015.


  • Flowerpatch Farmgirl - Shannon has such a way with words and so eloquently captures what is in my mind. This post particularly got me.
  • Parent Cue - loved this post by Reggie Joiner about noticing the good in your kids
  • Jones Design Company - Loved what Emily had to say about doing your thing.
  • I really enjoyed writing for Ungrind this year and this was my most popular post there which is all about surviving the strong-willed child


  • Jimmy Fallon - there are just so many that I loved this year. This and This and This and This for sure.
  • I've been re-watching Friends and Gilmore Girls on Netflix
  • I've watched this video too many times to count. She just kills me.
  • True Detective First Season on HBO

Its been a good year full of entertainment! What about you? What were your favorite finds for 2015?