How To Weed Jealousy Out of Your Heart

Have you ever heard the news about someone and you instantly felt less than or disappointed or even jealous? Yeah, me neither. Who am I kidding? Let me just be really honest with you. I feel that all. the. time. In fact, I can feel that way multiple times a day. Maybe it happened while scrolling through Instagram and you noticed something amazing. Maybe it was someone’s home. Or maybe someone’s selfie showing off their diet success. Or maybe it was someone who does the same thing you do and people are praising her. Is it tough to double tap that picture? Do you immediately think a negative thought either about that person or about yourself? Sometimes I can find myself holding back the double tap as if that will lessen their achievement or something.

Let me just give you a little glimpse into my own fallen nature. I recently started a podcast and there is another podcast who is more established than mine. But every time I turn on social media, I see her one step ahead. I book a guest and the next thing I know that guest is on her show. I have an idea of something extra to do, and low and behold she does it, too. But instead of cheering on the fact that this guest is going to be highlighted not only on my show, but also on this other show, I chose to grumble. To complain. To whine. To feel less than. I hold back my double tap. I call a friend to complain about it.

I can’t be the only one who struggles with this.

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