Episode 18: Courtney DeFeo

Courtney DeFeo joins me for Episode 18. Courtney is a wife, mom of girls and a former marketing professional for Chick-fil-a. She is the creator of a small business called Lil Light O Mine that empowers moms and hopes to change little lives through innovation in the home.

We talk about how she went from her dream job to staying at home with her kids. That choice is hard because no one is giving you a promotion for potty training your strong willed kid. Am I right?! But Courtney shares how she made that decision and how God uses your past experiences and skills in your life as a mom today. She shares some really great practical advice for starting a business and for how to build an authentic faith in your kids.

Survival Kit:

  • Music. You are the CMO--Chief Mood Officer--in yoru home. You can set the tone for the day.
  • Sweet Tea

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Her products mentioned: In This House We Will Giggle // ABC Scripture Cards

I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Courtney. I took so many notes when I went back to edit the show. The biggest takeaway for me was how much she talked about prayer. Sometimes in life, prayer is my last resort after I text a couple of buddies, vent to my husband and overindulge in something tasty. But talking to God--more specifically praying His scripture--should be my first reaction. After our conversation, I looked up a few verses that I wanted to pray over each one of us in our family. Then, I created reminders in my phone with those verses. Each prayer is promoted to me everyday at different times. I must say that it is drawing me closer and helping me to look for how God will respond more closely.

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