Gingham Love Affair

On Thursday nights, you will find me sitting in a circle with about 15 girls who are college sophomores. I often forget that I am 37 and that 37 is probably ancient to them. But we have so much fun. The purpose is to talk about spiritual things and life--and the life talk can be quite hilarious at times. At some point or another, we always end up talking about fashion. One of the girls, McKayla, inspired this post so we will give her the title Producer of this post.

You see, I have quite the love obsession with gingham. In fact, I have worn a gingham shirt 3 out of 6 days this week. I threw out the gingham word at small group one night and none of my girls knew what it was. How have they survived life not knowing gingham?!? So as part of such an honorable role that I play in their lives, I see that it is my duty--calling if you will--to educate them on all things fashion.

So girls, gingham is defined as medium-weight balanced plain-woven fabric made from dyed cotton or cotton-blend yarn usually known for its checked patterns of white and a bold color.

Let's take a look at my closet (aka Instagram)...

I believe I have one other gingham shirt that is not pictured, but its a fun, bright blue for summer. The thing I love about gingham is that is pairs so well with other things. Its an easy pattern to play with. Love this image from my new FAV online store, Mindy Mae's Market. Gingham + bling + leopard + floral = AMAZING

This is where fashion and home decor parallel. Just like you can pair different patterns in your home, you can do the same with clothes. Small print + large print with coordinating colors for the win.

Here are a few more examples from my Pinterest board (seriously had sooo many gingham pins!)

Gingham is sticking around and ready for spring. My shirts have come from Old Navy (similar) and J.Crew Factory (here). According to my wardrobe, I apparently have a love obsession with vests, too. I hope you are inspired today to run out (or online) and fill your closet with all things gingham. Please tell me you love it as much as I do. I'm pretty sure I would marry it if it asked.