Episode 10: Wendy Speake

On today's show, we talk about what it looks like to be surprised by mommy anger. Wendy tells her story about how she would have never described herself as angry until she had kids. When it comes to raising kids, there are different external and internal triggers that can flip the anger switch inside of us. Talking with Wendy felt like a counseling session for me and I walked away inspired and encouraged that I'm not alone.

Today's episode of Surviving Sarah is with author, Wendy Speake. We met for the first time when we recorded the show. I was so excited to speak with her after reading her new book--which is released today--called Triggers: Exchanging Parent's Angry Reactions For Gentile Biblical Responses. Wendy is a wife, mom of boys, writer, speaker and former actress.


Survival Kit:

  • Safe relationships where you can be honest about life
  • Voxer (app)
  • Self-care - go get your hair cut and the go to the dentist--take care of yourself. Remove refined sugars from your diet so that you don't have a sugar crash during the late afternoon.

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Her book on Amazon: Triggers: Exchanging Parent's Angry Reactions For Gentile Biblical Responses 

The study guide for the book, Triggers.

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The thing I loved about the book and conversation with Wendy was the need to shift my attention from changing my kid's behavior to changing my own behavior. So much parenting advice focuses on changing the child, but truly sometimes it comes down to letting God use our kids to refine our own heart. God created your kid on point and He created you on on point. So let's not try to change their God-given nature, but work on our own heart and keep the end in mind of who they are growing to be.

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