Episode 15: Lauren Lefevre

Lauren Lefevre joins me for Episode 15. She is a stylist and fashion blogger. We talk about how she became a fashion stylist, how she balances it all, and everyday essentials that we need in our closet. I had such a fun time talking to Lauren. When it comes to fashion, I often say that my creative outlet is simply getting dressed in the morning. I would much rather pull together an outfit than keep my work out clothes on all day.

Survival Kit:

  • Coffee
  • Health - working out, eating well and drinking water Monday - Thursday and then using moderation on the weekends
  • Getting in the practice of saying "no". Find the best yes. Be confident in who you are. Be okay if people are disappointed. The more you say no, the more freedom you feel.

Everyday Essentials:

Links to Lauren: Instagram // Website // Facebook // Twitter // YouTube

I had so much fun talking about fashion and how it intersects with our faith. Lauren started her business to help everyday people feel the best about themselves that they can. I'm going to take a personal style challenge and maybe you should join me. Let's choose to be creative and confident in what we wear this week. And to take it one step further--take a pic and post it on Instagram. Tag me @sarahwbragg and #SurvivingSarah so that we can cheer each other on in our creativity.


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