Episode 138: Elizabeth Grace Saunders

Elizabeth Grace Saunders joins me today from my new kitchen table. Our family moved into a new rental home back in July and it was fun to record the inaugural episode around my kitchen table in the new house. Elizabeth is an internationally recognized expert on effective time management and the founder of Real Life E Time Coaching and Speaking. She joins me today to talk about the idea of divine time management which is all about aligning yourself with God's heart. We talk about why we feel guilty for resting; where to start when it comes to organizing our day; why we tend to say yes to everything; and advice for how to prioritize our time during a busy season.

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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • When talking about the struggle of doing more or being successful and feeling anxiety around that, she said that she felt like God was saying to her, “You just make me happy for being you.”

  • 3 part strategy to figuring out where to start when you feel overwhelmed:

  1. Get connected with God - that gives us perspective. @@“God doesn’t ask us to be successful. He just asks us to be obedient and walk with Him."@@ 

  2. Declutter your schedule. Take a macro level look at what’s going on in your life right now; Lay out what are your commitments/activities; Then look at what is most important. Be careful about what you say yes to. 

  3. Day to day. Ask God what he wants you to do today. Do those things and trust Him with the rest.

  • How to prioritize your time in your busy season:
    1. Be proactive
    2. Have clear communication and have things laid out - have a weekly calendar and monthly calendar with expectations of what’s going on; look ahead at your week. Look at your fixed expenses (work, school, etc) and your disposable time income.

Discussion Questions

  • What do you do to rest?
  • Have you ever felt guilty for resting? 
  • What false expectations or lies drive your inability to rest? 
  • In what ways is your worth tied to what you do or don’t do?
  • What is making you feel overwhelmed currently?
  • What do you think holds you back from trusting God when it comes to what you do?
  • What is something you are trying to control rather than trust?
  • Based on this conversation, what is one thing you can do this week with what was discussed?

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Thank you for following along life with me. I love being apart of your day. And as always, I hope this show helps you survive a little easier.

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