October Survival Kit

Can you believe that October is basically over or is it just me? Even though it was swift, it was full. We traveled, I had a speaking engagement and lots of deadlines. This month was brought to you by good friend, coffee. No seriously. Coffee. It makes the world go round. 

I wanted to share a few things that helped me survive this past month.

The beach.

We went to Boca Grande at the beginning of the month. We technically went at the end of September but we arrived back on October 1. So it set us up for a good month and left us scheming of how we can buy a beach house one day. We were made to live at the beach. Boca Grande is a tiny island on the gulf side of Florida south of Tampa, but north of Naples. Gorgeous doesn't even give it justice. We have never taken a week vacation as a family and it was so good for us.


What I Listened to. 

  • Mom Struggling Well Episode 55. Emily interviewed husband and wife duo Jim & Lynne Jackson. It reinforced so much of what I've been thinking on lately--how our words as parents can shape and influence a child's sense of identity. I've listened twice and will likely listen again.
  • God Centered Mom Episode 139: 10 Ways to Stop Meltdowns & Arguments. This was so helpful. Her guest gives cues to look for and phrases to use when dealing with a child who is in the middle of a meltdown. I plan on listening again with pen and paper.
  • Off Camera with Sam Jones - Vince Vaughn Episode 58. (I don't have a link to this one so you'll want to look it up on your favorite podcast app.) I particularly enjoyed hearing him talk about curiosity and creativity. It reminded me of my oldest daughter.
  • Off Camera with Sam Jones - Mindy Kaling Episode 72. While you're listening to Off Camera, go ahead and listen to this, too. I loved hearing her story.
  • Johnnyswim’s new album Georgica Pond. This whole album is A M A Z I N G. I am loving Summertime Romance, First Try and Say Goodnight Instead.

Books I read.

What I Watched.

  • Longmire. You can watch it all on Netflix.
  • Gilmore Girls. duh. It's my show on repeat in the background.

What I Wore. 

  • Green vest. I am still loving this piece and recently bought a puffy vest version of it.
  • Demin vest. I wasn't sure about it, but I think I'm loving it now.
  • LulaRoe. One of my fav friends is selling LulaRoe. I have two pieces and they are soooooo comfortable.

Surviving Sarah October Episodes

  • Rachel Faulkner Brown Episode 43: What she learned is an upside down way to seeing heartbreak and pain. "Maybe God trusts me enough to allow me to walk through such pain or hardship." 
  • Melanie Dale Episode 44: "Sometimes the deepest joy we can feel comes through the deepest pain.The hard part is the unknown--not knowing how long a hard season will last."
  • Traci Dixon Episode 45: "If that means our heart has to be broken in the process then that is part of the story. There is always a risk with putting yourself out there but following what God has called you to is what we need to do."
  • Wendy Speake Episode 46: "Sometimes we have to lay down some of our passions and pleasures in lieu of the practical season. Remember the God who made us is holding on to our creativity. It's not lost. There will be an awakening."

Maybe my survival kit will be useful to you this month! If you haven't subscribed to Surviving Sarah, sign up! I'll keep you posted on all things pertinent to your own survival. 

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