Meal Plan (gluten free, dairy free) Sept 7-13

Scott traveled all this week which normally means I skirt away from cooking, however, this time around I decided it best to make some meals for me and the girls. Between my diet (grain free) and the girls diet (gluten free and dairy free), its just easier to make our meals at home sometimes. Monday - Easy dinner--Trader Joe's GF nuggets and roasted broccoli. Everything cooks at 425 degrees. Everyone is happy. I ate a leftover burger patty on a bed of lettuce.

Tuesday - I made GF spaghetti noodles with Gigi's Spaghetti Sauce. This is Scott's grandmother's recipe and the girls LOVE it. Since Scott can't have red sauce, we decided it was a good time to make it. I served up some Zucchini Noodles for my dish.

Gigi's spaghetti sauce
Gigi's spaghetti sauce

Wednesday - Taco Salad. I decided to push past my desire to have the kitchen to myself during the witching hours and invited Sinclair to cook with me. She browned the meat, added the black beans and seasoning. She beamed from ear to ear. Sometimes we need to let go of our reigns. The girls ate corn chips with it and I ate taco salad. Winning. I used the Gracious Pantry's seasoning recipe.

taco salad chef

Thursday - Since Scott was away, Chick-fil-a was in order after gymnastics. I ate leftover taco salad when we got home.

Friday - I love life in our small community. I had to work at a conference all day Friday so my sweet friend picked up the girls from school for me. Once I got there, we enjoyed an impromptu dinner--sweet chili and corn chips. My heart (and stomach) was so full and it made the last few hours until Scott arrived home much more bearable.

Saturday - Atlanta finally cooled down enough to feel like fall so we had chili at some friends' house along with hotdogs, cornbread, salad and raw veggies.

Sunday - We took the girls to their first Braves game and they had a blast! It was seriously the most perfect day to be at the ballpark. We were home for dinner so in keeping with the ballpark theme, we ate hotdogs with chips & guacamole.

turner field
Braves game

This is what life is all about--doing life with others.