Episode 9: Blythe Hill

Blythe Hill  joins me for Episode 9 of the Surviving Sarah podcast. I first met Blythe when she was a 9th grader in high school in southern CA. Fast forward nearly 15 years, and I rediscovered her on Facebook because someone shared her Ted Talk. Amazing, right! What a fun moment for me to see what God is doing in her life all these years later.

Blythe is single girl (well, engaged and ALMOST married!) who used what she had to change the world. She took her love of fashion and combined it with a passion to help women who don't have a voice. From that, Dressember was born. In the campaign's 3rd year, she along with many other advocates raised over $915,000! It's amazing what women in the hands of a very capable God can do! That money will fund over 200 rescue operations, pay over 45 anti-trafficking lawyer's salaries for a year or pay for aftercare therapy for over 1000 survivors for a year. That is truly remarkable! I can't wait to join the campaign in December 2016.

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