Friday Finds

I think about Friday Finds ALL. THE. TIME. Maybe its because every time I stumble across something, I immediately want to share it with you guys. I have all the thoughts in my head but I have been slow on posting my finds lately. Just life. No other excuse.

Do you guys read The Inspired Room blog? I have loved it for a long time, and Melissa just released a hardback coffee table book. This would make a great gift for the woman that loves to decorate.

I am loving podcasts these days. If you have an iPhone, you had a handy little podcast app–use it!! Check out Off Camera with Sam Jones – featuring Connie Britton and The latest episode of The Podcast with Knox & Jamie. It’s their Christmas episode and there is a specific part on December card newsletters that you will want to hear!

We all need a good laugh and I shared this with my buddies the other night: the shark’s house

This little combo has been my favorite outfit lately: gingham + fur


shirt: similar     fur vest: similar

This recipe of chicken and rice soup has been on my Pinterest board for years, and I finally got around to try it. It does not disappoint! Simple and easy ingredients. Perfect for cool winter days.


I loved reading about Flower Patch Farmgirl on how they do Christmas. This is such a refreshing view.

This fall, I experienced Jen Hatmaker’s 7 Bible study with a few girlfriends. And in it, I discovered the organization, Kiva, which is micro lending organization. Scott and I are in the middle of looking for someone to be our dream in our new endeavor so we said, “We should be apart of making someone else’s dream come true.” So, we are supporting a woman in Cambodia with her small business. This is a great way to empower women. Please check it out.

My friend, Emily, shared this video the other night and we all had tears and full hearts. I think I need to do this with my girls.

My besties got together the other night and did a little “favorite thing” gift exachange. The price limit was $5. I gave my favorite beauty find of 2015 which you can find here. One friend gave delicious dark chocolate infused with oranges. Another the cutest little “B” wine topper. And the other friend this adorable bitty bottle of champagne.

Merry Christmas!

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Friday Finds

I write this post sipping on a blonde misto from Starbucks... honestly I wanted to jump on the Pumpkin Spice Latte wagon, but for the love its 90 degrees outside. I wannnnnnt it to feel like fall so badly that I wear sweaters around my AC chilled house and then sweat the moment I walk out the door. I am committed to waiting for a fall drink until it actually feels like fall (which may come sooner than later for me since we travel to northern California next weekend!) FASHION

Speaking of fall, how many of you are dreaming of boots, scarves and layers?! I get so excited about fall clothes because I feel like I know how to own fall outfits. Summer-wear is basically like survival instincts. Its tough to be stylish when you have to suffer through 90 degree weather with a heat index of 200 every. blessed. day. But there are two staples that I want to add to my fall wardrobe. First is the denim jacket. You guys, I could kick myself. I bought a denim jacket back in 2001 from The Gap and I just gave it to Goodwill the year we moved to Atlanta. I really push myself to not hold on to anything and denim jackets haven't been in style in a really long time so I finally let it go. And although the jacket was too big for me now, I still hate that I have to buy a new one now. I've seen a few options around: here and here and here

denim jacket style
denim jacket style

The other fall staple I want are white Converse shoes. I have worn black Converse shoes since 2001 as well and simply love the classic style however I'm ready to update the look. Last year, I purchased my well-worn leopard sneakers but need to add another shoe into the mix.

converse white shoes
converse white shoes
converse white shoes
converse white shoes


I mentioned recently that I read For The Love by Jen Hatmaker. There is an excerpt from that book on the Washington Post for church leaders. If you are a church leader or know someone who is, there is a great read.

I made a goal to read more books this year--and not just books that make me better but to read more fiction books. I tend to view reading as something I do to grow or learn or improve myself rather than viewing reading as entertainment. I do believe there is a balance of both views, but I've pushed myself to read more fiction this year. When I find an author I like, I tend to stick with them for awhile. My current favorite author is Liane Moriarty. My favorite is What Alice Forgot and then I read Big Little Lies. For our trip next week, I'm thinking about reading The Husband's Secret. Doesn't it sound dreamy to wrap up in a comfy chair with a warm drink and get lost in a story? What fiction would you recommend?


My latest Spotify list involves cover songs. I don't know what it is about cover songs but I absolutely love them. I sometimes enjoy them more than the original versions. You must check out this mash up cover of We Can't Stop/Price Tag by two sisters, Megan & Jaclyn Davies on YouTube.

Jimmy Fallen is no stranger to my Friday Finds. I think he is the best thing that has happened to late night show and pop culture in general in decades. I love his lip sync battles and this one with Ellen will not disappoint. The last two songs are hysterical! He also has Justin Timberlake on this episode and they perform History of Rap 6. Enjoy!

I hope you guys have a fantastic weekend and maybe (just maybe) the weather will slightly cool and we can enjoy the long anticipated fall.