Surviving Summer

let's just be honest here. i dread summer. the dread begins at christmas for me because i realized that i barely survived the 2.5 weeks off from school during that break and i think how in the world will i survive 2.5 months! this summer i was determined to have a plan--a survival plan, if you will. the first 3 weeks were a piece of cake. we experienced the beach, vbs and traveled to TN for me to speak at a camp. easy breezy. then we arrived back home and reality set in. all our friends were out of town so NO PLAYDATES. just me and my people. i'm not gonna lie, most of that week was a nightmare. breathe in and breathe out. but the days where we had a daily schedule seemed to work better. so my goal each day...

7:00 wake, breakfast, tv

7:30 coloring

8:00 mom gets ready & free play

9:00 errands (gymnastics on mondays at 10:00)

11:00 lunch

11:30 walk/play outside

12:00 learning time

12:30 rest time

2:00 snack & tv

2:30-4:30 playdates, outdoor time, games, sometimes chiropractor appt

5:00 cook dinner & computer time for kids

6:00 our blessed savior, dad arrives

7:30 bedtime

having this schedule clearly displayed helped Big who loves structure and school survive. i also planned each week a few playdates and pool dates for them. the schedule is very flexible but at least they (and me) knew what was ahead. it also helped me to be present during certain times. i would much rather hide away because playing vet or dollhouse is just straight boring to me. knowing we have 30 minute increments helps me to be all in during those times.

we still have about 6 weeks left of summer including a week of camp for the kids and a visit to the grandparents sans parents. i also have a few days away with my husband to look forward to. its called survival, ya'll.

how are you surviving summer?

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