School Lunchroom

Every Thursday I volunteer in my daughter's kindergarten class. I mostly cut out crafts which I hate to say but I've never been great with scissors. Sorry Mrs. Toler. I volunteer for an hour and then go to lunch with Sinclair. You have to realize this about me. I am not great with kids. I don't really know what to say. So staying to eat lunch with my kid probably takes years off my life. Its not that I can't talk to my own kid, its the other kids that are so hard. And striking up conversations with other moms is painfully hard for me most days. I am a closet introvert who masquerades as an extrovert. I feel like most environments I find myself in require me to be outgoing, even chatty. When mostly, I just want to have good, deep conversations. I am terrible at chit chat. So you can see how the lunchroom is an obstacle course for me. But I am learning how to survive the lunchroom. How to look for people that need something--a smile, some ice cream or chit chat. I'm learning that when you push past your insecurities and discomforts for the sake of the glory of God, something better happens.