For the record, I am a big fan of my kids going to school. If you've ever had a strong willed child, let's unite and give a big cheer for Monday. Mondays are glorious around my house because both kids are in school that day.


As I was out for a walk on this Monday morning, my phone rang and my stomach sunk. I didn't recognize the number but had a feeling it was the preschool calling to inform me that my youngest daughter's nose was way to bad to have sent her to school. In a twist of fate, it was the elementary school phoning to let me know that Big had thrown up. At school. In the hallway. This day was definitely not shaping up like I had hoped.

So we basically had a sick day for Monday and Tuesday. If you have a strong willed child, then you know exactly how difficult it is to have a "sick day" when that child no longer feels "sick". I had to go into creative gear and figure out a game plan to survive the day.

This is where the playground comes into play. To be perfectly honest, I don't really like playgrounds (especially the kind inside of fast food establishments). Partly because of germs and partly because of kids. I don't really like kids. Before you throw something at me through the screen, know that I love my kids. I just might not like yours. I'm more of teenager kind of person. I've worked with them most of my adult life but I was never a babysitter. I just don't get little kids.

So with that said, imagine two 5 year old girls at the playground with my two kids. Would you believe there are already mean girls at five? I already had a stereotype of the lead mean girl based on what she was wearing (don't hate me. i judged). And this lead girl had the other girl at her beck and call. Big was playing like a monster that was out of catch Little. So naturally monsters roar which the mean girls were not amused. Big quickly replied "I'm just playing." Like duh! This continued until the mean girls had blocked an entrance to a slide. As my daughters tried to exit, they were blocked. Now Little doesn't get much. She thinks everyone is playing at all times. So she begins to say in a sassy voice, "Move it, girl". I chuckle under my breath because let's be honest, I don't like these girls. The girls wouldn't move so Little decides to call them names like "Poopy Head." One of the mean girls looks at my and tells on Little that she has a potty mouth. I get on to Little about using those words and then basically say to the girl, "Look, she's three. Get over it." About 3 minutes later, the girl tattles again and I say, "Stop being a tattle tail." I am seriously about to throw down with a 5 year old. Thankfully, their grandmothers were completely oblivious to it all and I can escape their ridicule.

Moral of the story: don't take me to the playground with your kids. On a serious note, Big didn't notice their meanness at all. All she talked about was meeting new friends at the playground. Impressive. Oh how I wish I was more like her.