Meal Plan (gluten free, dairy free) Oct 13-19

I'll be honest, this week of eating was quite different than normal weeks. We had a fun-filled week, and I only cooked one time! HOLLA!!! So, I probably should have just not posted a weekly meal plan but the one thing I did cook, I think you'll like. Monday - Hamburger Rice skillet meal (the recipe called for cheese but we just omitted it) Erin, from, created this recipe. If you are cooking for people with food allergies, you should check out her site. Her recipes are simple and easy which it what I love. She always has a meal plan that you can subscribe to for super cheap. I was apart of the beta testers. She even has a gluten free plan, freezer plans, and costco plans.

Cheeseburger Rice
Cheeseburger Rice

Tuesday - leftover Hamburger Rice with baked potatoes

Wednesday - chili at a friend's house. I will make the chili sometime soon and post the recipe. It was delicious and from our chiropractor's recipe book. Perfect chili to eat if you are on a restricted diet. My husband really loved it and he doesn't eat chili much.

Thursday - Fall Festival at my daughter's elementary school. We purchased dinner there--pulled pork sandwiches and chips. (I cheated on gluten...maybe we should break up?)

Friday/Saturday/Sunday - We traveled to TN to visit my family so we enjoyed meals prepared by my sweet mother (and the cheating continued. it may be over)

So you see, not much there this week. It was like a vacation for me! I'm sure I'll be dreading cooking this week.