Meal Plan (Gluten free, Dairy Free) Dec 28-Jan 3



Now that Christmas is over, I am officially over winter. I pretty much put up with enjoy winter only during the month of December. Then, I’m ready for warm weather. This season particularly has been difficult because my youngest has been sick constantly—nothing that would keep her from school, but it just seems like her body can’t quite fight off these germs. So days after Christmas when she was diagnosed with another ear infection on top of her cold (that's has lasted 2 months), I felt like it was time to change up her diet to boost her immune system. The dinners I prepare for our family are almost always gluten free and dairy free however what my kids eat during the day don’t always follow that rule. We are now over a week into the diet change and so far things are going well. Scott and I have been gluten free and dairy free for almost 7 years now so food restrictions aren't new to us.

Here is what we ate this week:


Sunday - GF Applegate frozen chicken nuggets + chips

Monday - grilled chicken (olive oil, S & P) + DF twice baked potatoes + green beans (steamed)

Tuesday - Chicken savoy (recipe to follow) + broccoli (steamed) + rice

Wednesday - NYE date night - Pork Tenderloin + sautéed green beans + roasted Brussel sprouts at Chicken and the Egg in Marietta, GA

Thursday - New Year’s dinner at my in-laws with Pork Tenderloin + mashed sweet potatoes + green beans + black eyed peas

Friday - Trader Joe’s pulled pork + steamed green beans + black eyed peas (leftover from my mother-in-law)

Saturday - date night. We ate at a food truck--Grilled chicken & zucchini (Paleo style)

Chicken Savoy
Chicken Savoy

Kid Breakfasts

Honey Nut Chex cereal with vanilla almond milk; GF frozen waffles with maple syrup; bacon + scrambled eggs; with fruit as a side. I really tried to add 2 servings of fruit or veggies to each of their meals.

Kid Lunches

Monday - rice cake with peanut butter, sliced bananas + strawberries + grapes. They decorated their rice cakes with the fruit; corn chips with avocado chunks & yellow peppers (You have to know that Sinclair is my well-rounded eater and Rory refused to try the avocado & peppers).

Tuesday - same as Monday

Wednesday - breakfast food for lunch

Thursday - Chick-fil-A grilled nuggets + fries

Friday - Ian's frozen GF DF french loaf pizza. They HATED it.

Saturday - same as Monday

I made these no bake energy bites and they snacked on those and Rory ate them at a birthday party instead of cake. They have snacked on almonds, Chex cereal, cinnamon rice cakes, fruit, Lara Bars, GF granola bars, popcorn.

Have a great week!