Here's Your Sign

Living in a historic downtown district, I drive by many churches in a couple mile radius. Most recently, one caught my eye and attention as I sat at a red light. This old church, tucked behind trees, had a display sign in front. It read, "God gave up his Son for you. What will you give up for Him?" And I thought to myself, I would like to meet the guy who came up with the brilliant idea of church signs with catchy one to two liners. I mean, seriously. Who are you reaching with these signs? Are you trying to bring in people who don't know God or don't attend church anywhere? Or are you trying to convict the Christian passing by? And is that sign really going to cause conviction? I mean, as I sat there at that stop light, I realized all the sin in my life and completely repented. Remind me to send a thank you card to that church. Coming from a past as a professional Christian (one who is paid by the church to work for the church), I think it is imperative that churches think about what they do and how they represent God. Yes, God gave up His Son for me and you, but is writing it on the sign the best way to reach people? Or would it be more effective if I formed a relationship with my neighbor and really showed her how my life is different because God gave up His Son for me?

Just a thought.