He Gives Shade For The Weary

Do you ever have those moments where God is speaking to you the same thing in different ways? I feel like the theme of my life lately has been about fear and anxiety--whether it is my own or my child's. Episode 32 with Julie Martinez spoke to me about asking God to create a different reality. Then, Rory and I walked along the sidewalk and she noticed the shade. It was 98 degrees outside and she was thrilled to pass the different shaded spots. We talked about how God gives shade to people when life is hard. Then, something I wrote months ago was published today that is about that very concept. Clearly, God is wanting me to hear something.

Head over to Ungrind to read about how God gives shade to the weary. Do you ever have those moments of fear because you don’t know what lies ahead? When do those thoughts tend to happen to you?