Graceful December

I attended a writers’ conference called Allume back in October. I have always wanted to go to something like that for years, but it never worked out. As difficult as it was to walk into a room knowing no one, I’m so glad that I did. Each meal, you sat at a table with no assigned seats. It wasn’t a coincidence whose table to sat at that first night. I naturally looked for people with great style and then asked to join their table. One of those women, was Molly–a blogger, wife and mom of 2 little people. I hit it off with Molly (and the other women) immediately and spent each meal with them.

Molly is writing about Graceful December this month on her blog and asked me to be a contributing writer. She describes it as, “Not gracious December or grace-filled December (although I believe God desires those things for us, too), but graceful December. Like the kind of December that moves fluidly and peacefully in and out of days–not hustling or bustling, but embracing, savoring, evolving, becoming more lovely as it goes.” I talk about what having a Graceful December looks like for me–which means letting go of some things and embracing the art of as you go.

Come on over to Molly’s blog and check it out