Friday Finds

This has been one of those busy weeks... you know, the kind where your alarm goes off in the morning and you don't realize what day it is. I was convinced it was Saturday on Wednesday. Our week was full of fun things. We enjoyed dinner with friends on Wednesday (7 little girls ages six and under with 3 wonderful couples). It was good for the soul. We also had Sinclair's school fall festival Thursday night. I love watching our kids do life with other people. Our girls were on cloud nine (most of the time) and in the pit of despair at other times. Sigh. Women. We are straight crazy. Maybe you are reading this Friday night after surviving the week or Saturday morning with your favorite coffee. I hope you enjoy. I have a new thing for arrows

Continuing my obsession for arrows here, but I want this and this

My friend introduced me to this Instagram account. I LOVE every single one of her drawings. You will too.

so long summer
so long summer

What would a Friday Finds post be without Jimmy Fallon. I had a creative block on Tuesday. So naturally I turned to twitter which then lead me to Jimmy Fallon. Then I got completely lost in watching different YouTube Jimmy Fallon videos. I highly suggest the rabbit trail. Check out this one

One blogger that I enjoy is The Nester. I seriously want her book for Christmas (hint hint) (Not sure who I'm hinting at since my hubs doesn't read this) Anyhoo, I think you will enjoy her 31 days of writing about vignettes.

This post titled "what I miss and don't miss about working"

I would like a set of these for my front porch. Remember how I said it is lacking? I added a white pumpkin and potted plant but we are a long way from looking compete (still slightly pathetic).

sad little fall porch
sad little fall porch

My friend (and co-worker), Kathy wrote about never entering a parent/teacher conference empty handed. Good advice!

You guys, life just got sweeter. Did you hear the news? My world is complete.