Friday Finds

This Friday, in Georgia, it's starting to feel slightly like fall. I have a serious fall itch right now. The evenings are cooler which would make for perfect entertaining except that the mosquitos still think they are welcome here. Please send them a memo. This Friday in particular follows our 9 year anniversary which happened on Wednesday. Pretty sure this has been my longest gig (all my jobs have classified me as a short-timer). Looking forward to the years that follow! Sweet babes in this pic...

The Bragg's
The Bragg's

As my Little pea lies in bed sick today, I will share some things that I've been drooling over looking at this week.

*first off, let's take a look at what I'm wanting for fall style. You'll see a common theme throughout these links: plaid, demin, animal print, military vest, gingham. I need a reason to update my wardrobe! Let's go shopping!

*i love looking at kitchens and lately my eye is drawn to anything with white, gray and black

*i've been searching for ideas to make a little office nook in our kitchen. I found this one from the FlowerPatch FarmGirl. You will love her. I promise. Start reading.

*my oldest as a way of choosing great friends--because all her friends come with amazing momma friends for me! One of them is Lesley. UBER talented. I want to try to make these pumpkin bars or simply insist she make them for me so that I can enjoy her beautiful home.

*i spend so much time thinking about my hair. Seriously. I hate drying my hair however I found these tips on pinterest this week. Gotta share!

*Jimmy Fallon does it again. This may be old news to you but when I saw this a couple of months ago, I laughed. out. loud. "I'm so fancy..."

Hope you have a fancy weekend!