Friday Finds

Friends. I am so glad its Friday. And in Atlanta, it is a beautiful day. I have picked the worst possible time to sit down and write–my kids are home from school with extra kids playing here. However, I miss you and really wanted to say hello.

Speaking of hello, I really want this.

I have been cooking recipes on repeat around here, however, I did try a new soup this week since the weather was dreary and cold. Y’all this soup was so very good with lots of veggies packed in it, and I paired it with Trader Joe’s Gluten Free cornbread.

I seriously love cover songs so its no doubt that I have one to share with you. Scott and I discovered this one separately yet both love it. Phoebe Ryan sings a mashup of Ignition and Do You Like Drugs.

A friend shared this video with me and I loved it. I spent most of my free time as a child playing Barbies. Barbies can have a bad rap, but I did love how much creativity and imagination they ignited in me. Check out their new commercial.

I am been listening to so many podcasts lately. You definitely need to start listening to some–there are some really great ones out there. And if you do listen to podcasts, let me know what I should listen to. I listened to The Lively Show interview the author of Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert. I was really fascinated with the content! You must check it out.

I just ordered these boots yesterday–there was a flash sale of 40% off!

And I am loving these seven looks for fall by Jones Design Company.

I’ll leave you with this. Not sure if any of you needed to be encouraged today. You are loved, friend.