While You're Weekending


Hey there, friends. I hope you're having a relaxing weekend. I just dropped my two off with the grandparents so an afternoon alone is all the therapy that I needed. I'm a firm believer that Starbucks + alone time can cure just about anything. 

As you are weekending, I wanted to share a few things with you. I had the privilege to share parts of my story with two different blogs this week. I am always extremely honored when asked to share.

Charlotte Peters asked me awhile back to participate in her survival series. I talk about how to find strength in the darkest moments, what it means to me to survive and my greatest achievement. "For me, finding my voice in each season of life has been a great achievement. My voice looked different when I was in my twenties and single than it does now that I’m nearly 40, married with kids. The greatest achievement though was finding my voice again after it had been lost for nearly 4 years. After it had been crushed by others. Walking through the darkness of wondering if I’d ever contribute to the world again in the ways in which I enjoy was frightening and paralyzing. But starting my podcast, Surviving Sarah, has brought such a sense of excitement and refreshment knowing that I have found my voice and I can use my voice in a way to help other women be encouraged, inspired and entertained to survive in their own lives."

To read the interview, click here.

Then, I recorded an episode of Broken Crayons Still Color with Shelley Hitz about learning how to find contentment with who God made me to be. I start by telling how I discovered my imperfect body, the lowest point for my struggle, the turning point and my advice for anyone in a similar place.

Finally, if you are having a sad day, let me tell you what works for me (besides Starbucks). The other night was a rough one. So many fights happening in the house that by the time the kids got in bed, I was spent. I was upset and angry. And I knew exactly what I needed. Watch this and I promise you will smile the whole time. (And if you are not a Bruno Mars fan, then I've got nothing for you....hahaha)

And while I'm talking Bruno Mars. His latest album has a song called Perm on it. Y'all, it makes me laugh and I want to say the tagline to my girls and myself all the time: "Throw some perm on that attitude. Girl, you gotta relax." That is my weekend benediction for you.