Episode 99: Jeannie Cunnion

Jeannie Cunnion joins me for Episode 99. I have been so excited to share this conversation with you because it was so refreshing and encouraging for me personally. If you haven’t heard of Jeannie before, then you should know that she is a mom of four boys who range from teenager to toddler. She is the author of Parenting the Wholehearted Child and her latest book, Mom Set Free.

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We sit down and have an honest conversation about freedom and motherhood.  We talk about the pressures we face in parenting, the things that we need to be set free from and what God has set us free for. There were some moments in this conversation that really have redefined my role as parent and reignited an understanding of the gospel.


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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • @@God is using our kids to sharpen us to become more like Him@@. I think that I knew that in theory but I hadn’t thought about how God chose these kids specifically for a reason to sharpen something in me. And if I could start my day viewing them as a gift that God has placed in my life to sharpen me—to make me more like Him—then maybe that would change my heart. And I think that applies to anyone listening whether you are a mother or not. Think about the most challenging person in your life currently. Maybe that person is God’s gift to you to sharpen you to become more like Him. So when we are in the heat of the moment, frustrated or discouraged, may we remember to ask: @@what is God’s invitation to me in this situation?@@

  • @@Parenting is more about what God is doing in me than me creating these great kids@@.

  • Moms get stuck in so many places and patterns because of the pressure we are under. The gospel has the power to free us from any place where we feel stuck. We feel pressure to be perfect, to be in control, or to transform our kid’s heart.

  • @@The enemy is using that pressure to steal our joy in parenting@@.

  • Jesus is the one who calls our kids to faith. We can get frustrated when we do all the “right” things yet not see the results. It is Jesus who produces righteous character in our kid’s life.

  • @@What is hard for me isn't hard for God@@.

  • God works all things together for good--that good doesn't mean better or an upgrade. The good is that we are conformed more into the image of Jesus.

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