Episode 95: Kristen Ivy

Kristen Ivy joins me for Episode 95. This was a special guest for me because we have been friends for over 10 years and we started our motherhood journey together. Not only is she a mother to 3 but she is also the Executive Director of Messaging at Orange and the Director of The Phase Project. She has written several books but most recently published 18 books—one for each phase of a kid’s life.

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We talk about how we as parents have a limited number of time to influence the faith of our kids. So with that, we unpack the phase guides by looking at what it means to number the days so that we may gain a heart of wisdom, what sort of things we can do over time in order to discover what really matters and what conversations we need to have with our kids when it comes to health, sexuality, technology and faith.


Kristen's Survival Kit:

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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • I bet some of you feel like 936 weeks until graduation feels like an eternity. I know I did. But I bet some of you look at the dwindling weeks make you anxious that you are running out of time. But either way, I bet I’m not the only one who often feels overwhelmed with parenting. That I’m not doing enough. That I’ve messed them up too much. Or that they will one day be in prison. Am I right? But I love how she took the pressure off of us. Small investments over time is what makes the difference. Its okay if you have a day where you don’t feel like you got a lot done because @@its the collection of weeks over time that makes the difference@@. It’s collective conversations or collective events that builds. I want to take those things that really matter and see where I can make small incremental movement. 

  • @@There is no magic bullet to parenting. Its an art, not a science@@. Trying to discover who they are and then constantly making adjustments to give them what they need. Its definitely not a formula. And because of that, you need to pause every so often to relearn your kid just in case they have changed.

  • From the time they are born to graduation there are 936 weeks. You can’t get more and its moving at a consistent speed. Here's a great way to number your days with your kids--its decorative, too.

  • So what really matters?
    • fun over time matters because it builds connection
    • time over time gives you a history together
    • work over time gives your kids significance
    • stories over time give a kid perspective—they begin to shape their worldview
    • love over time it shows your kids that they are worth something
    • words over time give a kid direction
    • tribes over time give a kid a place to belong
  • There are 4 ongoing, progressive conversations that need to happen over time. Conversations about health, sexuality, technology and faith. The phase guides give you words to say to help create those conversations.

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