Episode 73: Caroline Harries

Caroline Harries joins me for episode 73. She is a woman who is walking through the difficult journey of infertility. We have an honest conversation about what it looks like to wait for something you desperately want, what it looks like for your husband to walk through the waiting and how to make your journey uniquely yours.

If you have ever struggled with control or have ever thought that if you just do all the right things then it should work out, then this episode is for you. Even if infertility isn't your journey, you will be encouraged about what to do in the meantime and how to make the most of the time and season that you have now.


Survival Kit:

  • Running shoes
  • Lip Stick
  • Music
  • Snacks in her purse

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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • We have all gone through seasons of waiting, seasons of hoping, seasons of expectancy. I sometimes feel like I act like my children when they are required to wait for something. I ask God every five seconds, "How much longer?" But I appreciated Caroline's advice about making the most of the journey and making the most of the season in which you find yourself in. I love that she spends time traveling and running and taking care of her body. @@Choose to focus on what you can enjoy about the season instead of focusing on what you detest@@.

  • Being with Jesus will help you find peace and freedom in the middle of the wait.

  • How can you make your journey uniquely yours and not judge yourself or your husband by someone else's journey? You will receive constant advice from all people. At the end of the day, do what you feel the Lord is calling you to do. You may disappoint others with your decisions but advocate yourself. You are your unique you. Your marriage is your unique us. @@What you are led to do is unique to you@@.

  • Make the most of the journey. Don't let it define you. @@You are defined by who God calls you@@.

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Thank you for following along life with me. I love being apart of your day. And as always, I hope this show helps you survive a little easier.

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