Episode 72: Toni Collier

Toni Collier joins me for Episode 72. Not only is she a wife and mother, she is also a dynamic, ambitious, accomplished young woman who went from the corporate world to the ministry world. And we have a conversation about racial reconciliation. We talk about why diversity is important, what is the key to moving forward in this arena and what women uniquely bring to the table.

I am thankful that I have friends who welcome the awkwardness into the room so that we can have an honest conversation about something that feels a little touchy.

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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • One takeaway that I had from our conversation was what she said about multiculturalism. "Multiculturalism is the way forward. In order for us to live out our greatest capacity and get to experience everything the world has to offer we have to get outside of our four walls." We have to work hard to get outside of our own bubble and experience the world. And I loved that her suggestions were easy and doable. All of us can take a step in that direction and you step may look different from my step. Maybe for you its reading a book on black history. Maybe for you its googling something about racial reconciliation. Maybe for you its inviting someone over for coffee or a kids playdate who is different from you. We can all start somewhere. 

  • What would happen if we started to view each other as if they were your neighbor?

  • Andy Stanley said, "The further we are from the problem the simpler it looks and the closer we come the to the problem the more complex it becomes." We don't feel the impact of what racism is doing in our country because we aren't close to it. We don't have to be close to it. We've created bubbles to keep us from it. We have the ability to choose not to be around it. But @@we need to be intentional to step into the world of those who are different from us@@. It starts as awareness. @@Choose to lean into the tension and feel it so that i can develop some sort of empathy@@. 

  • @@Everything shifts when you see other people like they are made in the image of God@@. When you see someone different from you, if you can say they are made in the image of God, how would it shape your perspective?

  • What both sides need to bring to the table: compassion and empathy + grace and patience

  • @@We need to choose to be in relationship with people who are different from us@@. If you don't have a relationship with people who are different from you then maybe don't post opinions online.

  • What would happen if we sat down with our friend and asked, "When this happened in the world, how did it make you feel?" 

  • We want to do something different for our kids and we as moms hold a power to shape that for our kids.

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