Episode 68: Leslie Klipsch

Leslie Klipsch joins me for Episode 68. She is a mom on a mission to help awaken the mama bear inside each one of us. It doesn't take long to realize that Leslie wants to make an impact not only in her community but also in the world around her.

We talk about being front yard people, how to push past perfectionism, how to find community and how your tribe can be a group for good.

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I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Leslie. I feel like the topic of moms doing something for good has been rising up around me. If you are a mom or any other kind of caregiver, I bet you know exactly that ferocious love that is inside. And I don't know about you, but I want my girls to have that in them, too. But I need to model it for them. I value belonging to a community or group of women and I know that I want that for my girls, then I need to model it. I need to model to my girls what it looks like to care for the world around us.


  • Leslie's book: Mama Bear Manifesto
  • Families For Families My favorite way to start the conversations with your kids about this is the new Families For Families resource from Care For AIDS. My friends Courtney DeFeo and Natalie Stanfield whom you've heard on the show are leading the charge with this. Its a free resource to help start those conversations with your kids. I'll be sure to link to it in the show notes along with everything that Leslie mentioned today.

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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • Moms have so much power. They hold the keys by the position they've been put in. @@Moms have a ferocious love inside that can be used for good@@.

  • Some of the loneliest days are when your kids are little. Mama bears need each other. We need to be brave and step into a circle of women who can support us and who are willing to tell the truth and where we are able to be our true selves. @@Women need other women in their lives@@. We can draw strength from one another. We can practice taking care of each other. Then take what you learned and share it with other people. Be brave to take the step. 

  • @@Hurdles to cultivating community with women: gossip, perfectionism, need to show up with your true self@@. And then push past those hurdles.

  • @@Your tribe can be used for good@@. Learn to serve each other first. Be engaged in the world around you. That's how you model it for your kids. Then, push past your circle and serve others.

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