Episode 59: Natalie Stanfield

Natalie Stanfield joins me for Episode 59. I think so many of you will relate to her because she is a lot like you. You probably know someone just like her at your church, in the carpool line or at Starbucks. That's because she is a wife and mama of two. She is someone who has allowed her past to connect to her present and influence her future. Because of her past, God has woven a thread through her life giving her a desire to help her kids love and serve others. 

We talk about motherhood, her feelings of her broken past, and how she discovered an easy way to talk to her kids (and your kids) about loving and loving others.

I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Natalie. I walked away with several things from our conversation, and I really loved our talks about loving and serving others. I am so excited about the Families For Families newsletter from Care For AIDS. I have seen this newsletter and it is so helpful. Talking to your kids about serving and loving others can feel overwhelming, but this newsletter really breaks it down making it easy. I really encourage you to head over to the show notes and follow the link to sign up.


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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • I really liked how she related motherhood to how our heavenly Father must love us. "There is nothing that I won't do for them. There is nothing that they can do or say to make me love them less. And its such a picture of the Father's love."
  • Look around at where you are. You never know who God may connect you with. Be the kind of person that someone can feel free enough to share their story without fear of judgment or rejection. 

  • @@Anything built worthwhile takes time@@. Everything over time makes a difference.

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