Episode 58: Rachel Stafford

Rachel Stafford joins me for Episode 58. You may know her as the Hands Free Mama. She is is a wife and mother to girls, special ed teacher, blogger and New York Times best-selling author. When I started the podcast, Rachel was at the top of the list to people to invite to the kitchen table. I have been reading her blog for years and she has unknowingly been instrumental in helping me be a better mother.

Our conversation is one of my favorite episodes. I can't tell you how many notes I took and moments of just enlightenment that I experienced. I relate so well to Rachel and I'm thankful for her insight and encouragement. We talk about how to choose love today, how to let go of control and expectations and how failing is not as bad as we think.


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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • I really liked the phrases that she used for herself and her kids. Phrases like "Be kind to yourself," and "We all make mistakes." I have been using those since we recorded. Sometimes you just need someone to tell you exactly what to say. The other one is "Only love today." I can't tell you how many times I have looked in the mirror and my first thought was something negative, but then I chose to say "only love today" and "be kind to yourself." I do believe that those words have the power to retrain our mind. 
  • How do I retrain the negative voice in my head? It starts by what you tell yourself. @@Change the way you speak to yourself. Choose to believe the best in yourself@@.
  • What does love require? What if we simply approached life, relationships, encounters, conflicts with that simple phrase?
  • Surrender. I want to start looking at each moment and see if this this a moment where I need to surrender. I am learning to let go. It's a tension we must learn how to manage. When it comes to my kids, I ask myself: Is this a parenting issue or a personal issue?
  • "@@When you are making mistakes, you are living and trying! It is enough. It is time to love yourself AS IS@@. Live boldly, bravely and full of hope." @@We need to let kids learn how to fail now so that they will be okay with failing later@@.
  • We must retrain ourselves and our kids that problems aren't bad. We just need to figure out how to solve them.
  • I'm going to take myself out of the running of being the best. Take the pressure off of trying to be the best. @@Do your best but you don't have to be the best@@.

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