Episode 49: Ami Shroyer

Ami Shroyer joins me for Episode 49. She is the sister-in-law to a friend of mine who contacted me about sharing Ami's story. Ami is a singer songwriter, leader of a classical conversations homeschool group and has a holistic business.

You know, since realizing that God wanted me to use my voice to push others forward, He has put people in my path and raised some things to the surface for my attention. Over the past year, I've come in contact either personally or just through social media several different women who have experienced the loss of a husband. I'm not gonna lie, I wondered why God was bringing these women to my attention. Was He preparing me to experience loss? But I believe that there are a lot of hurting women who need to hear that they are not alone--they need to hear someone say, "Me too. I understand what you are going through." 

I hope that Ami's story encouraged you today. I know that talking about grief is never easy. I really loved hearing about what her friends have done to help her. 

Links Mentioned:

Survival Kit:

  • God's word
  • Music
  • Writing - sharpies, colorful pens, paper
  • Essential Oils particularly Frankincense 
  • Herb collection - to work with oils; Himalaya Heart Care
  • Probiotics
  • A daily latte
  • Headbands

Connect with Ami: Website // Instagram // Facebook 

Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • And her advice to another hurting woman could be applied to helping cope with any hurt. She said, "@@Take time to heal. Don't isolate yourself. Find someone to help you come out from hiding@@."

  • I really loved what her husband said to her: "Be and become. I am called to leverage my influence to help you be whoever you want to be and help you become who God wants you to become." Don't we all want someone to feel that way about us?

  • @@We all need to surrender in the things we don't understand@@--even in things that are not traumatic. @@God is a sweet God to care for those and knows what His children need@@. 

  • @@What to do when a friend is grieving@@: there is a season of not being able to make a decision so not having to make decisions about food is helpful. Know what a person loves or needs that they won't do for themselves. She had friends that would remind her to take her vitamins and send text messages out of the blue. There was a group of women who started a secret sisterhood to support her--the POWER OF COMMUNITY. Her friends' husbands would help with things around her house. Continue to talk to your friend about that loved one who passed.

  • It's amazing how @@even in death you can see God's sovereign hand@@. I think that was one of the biggest takeaways for me in this conversation. Things that her husband would say to her and looking back it shows how God was almost preparing the way.

  • "@@Don't look for closure. Look for purpose@@."


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