Episode 40

Tammy K. Johnson, founder of the Female Idea Tank, joins me for episode 40. She helps people develop practical and easy-to-follow strategies to achieve the success they crave. While she's not working with clients, you can find her serving Board President of One Heart Africa. She and I randomly met at an event and me being just enough of an introvert to where I hate small talk, I somehow had her tell me the highlights of her life story. From there, I knew that what she survived would benefit so many of my listeners. 

She walked through hurt and shame surrounding infidelity and divorce.We talk about how she not only survived that but how she came to a place of forgiveness and freedom from shame.

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Survival Kit: 

  • video texts with a friend
  • doing life with a community group

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I hope that you enjoyed my conversation with Tammy. I truly do think that she is a champion for women. She wants to be a cheerleader for others. Be sure to download the happiness checklist that we mentioned.

For me, the practical conversation around forgiveness for really great. I love that she said, "Sometimes the most spiritual thing you can do is the dishes." Isn't that the truth? Sometimes we don't have any other words to say to God or the energy to speak to someone or the "want to" to read another bible verse. Sometimes you look for the next right thing in front of you.

What about you? What inspired or encouraged you today? What made you laugh? The thought of sending video messages certainly made me laugh. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Come find me  on Instagram or Twitter or SurvivingSarah Podcast on Facebook.

You guys know that I ask you to leave reviews of the show over on iTunes. Let me share a recent one that made my day. This one comes from Kasilamb. "I look forward to listening to Sarah's encouraging conversations each week! She is my go-to podcast for authentic, God centered girl talk." Gosh, I love that!! I love spending time with you, too, each week.

Thank you guys for listening and sharing and reviewing and all the things! And as always, I hope this show helps you survive a little easier.