Episode 37: Kelly McCorkle Parkison

Kelly McCorkle Parkison joins me for Episode 37. She is a former Miss South Carolina and made it to the final four in the Amazing Race. She is a pastors wife with 5 kids living in Tennessee. We talk about why she chose adoption, how to handle a grieving child and her ministry LOFT 218.

You will hear about my long lost dream of being Miss America and how I am the most unlikely candidate to be on the Amazing Race.

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I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Kelly. I was inspired by how she transitioned from the spotlight to the home. I have always wanted to be in the spotlight--hence my desire to be Miss America. And the transition from being known by others to being a mom really rocked by world. I love that she said that you don't have to speak to 400 people in order to make a difference. You can speak to your child to make a difference. And the same is true for me and you. What is the purpose that God has put on your heart? What makes you excited? Usually the purpose remains, but the platform may change. I think this is relatable to all women. Maybe you are single and long to make a difference in a child's life. You have a purpose in you--take a look at the platform in front of you and see how that purpose could play out. I want to hear from you. Do you feel the same way about purpose and platform? Or tell me what stood out to you in the episode.

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