Episode 31: Brenda DeWalt

Brenda DeWalt joins me for episode 31. She lives in Colorado with her husband and three kids. We talk about surviving summer as a work from home mom, how kids most likely are born with a manual on howto wear your parent down and how we should invent a velcro wall and suit for kids. But in all seriousness, we talk about a lot of other great stuff.

She shares her story which includes health struggles, adoption, waiting, failed adoption, and bridge building. In fact, I recorded this episode with Brenda several weeks ago, and the part of our conversation about bridge building is very relevant to what's going on in our country currently. I love seeing God's sovereignty over the timing of this show. Thanks for joining us and let's jump right into my conversation with Brenda.

Survival Kit:

  • Voxer
  • Take a few minutes each day to lay still and listen to worship music--truly rest

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I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Brenda. There were so many takeaways from this episode. She said, "Finances are never an obstacle for God." At the time of the recording, that was a much needed word of truth for me. I also loved her advice for the woman facing similar circumstances--even though I'm not facing adoption, I think her advice applies to us all. We should store up God's word and songs during the season of comfort so that when we face the heat, it is there.

This season in our country is heartbreaking. Sometimes you don't have the words to say or know where to start in fixing things that are broken. For me, I go back to asking the Lord to help me truly love people. Help me see people. The first Saturday of the month, I take my girls to a women's shelter to play with the kids while the moms get a break. I watched my kids form friendships with those from a different race. They played with water squirters, sprinklers and ate popsicles together. To me, that's a start. Doing life together even when you don't fully understand. Let's ask God collectively to help us see others and love others.

Thank you again for listening and sharing the show!! And as always, I hope that this show helps you survive a little easier.