Episode 30: Sarah Rieke

Sarah Rieke joins me for Episode 30. Sarah sought me out after listening to the show because she wanted some advice to how to start a podcast.  After getting to know Sarah, I knew that her story would truly resonate with many of my listeners. She is a kind hearted, gentle spirited woman who has suffered the loss of children and has a passion to walk with women who also suffer loss. We talk about grieving and fear and what she would say to a women walking a similar path.

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I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Sarah. The part that really stuck with me was the quote by Elisabeth Eliott about suffering the loss of her husband: "I just had to do the next right thing." I feel like that is such a advice and wisdom because it applies to any circumstance that is tough--whether its the loss of a family member, job transition, money constraints, raising kids in a difficult phase or loving someone who is hard to love. Just do the next right thing. And sometimes that is as simple as washing the dishes. I'm gonna write that phrase down and place it somewhere that I can read often.

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