Episode 29: Hailey Johnston

The founder of Project Free 2 Fly, Hailey Johnston, joins me for Episode 29. She is a wife and mom of 2 girls who decided to start a non-profit to help support women in her local community live beyond their circumstances.

We talk about summer living, being intentional with your kids and what it looked like to say "Yes" to God and start a non-profit--when you know nothing about starting something like that.

Survival Kit:

  • coffee
  • time to sit and read (currently reading Fervent by Priscilla Shirer)
  • time with her husband

Connect with Hailey: Project Free 2 Fly website // twitter // Facebook // Instagram // shop // Project Free 2 Fly Instagram

One of the beautiful handbags offered from Project Free 2 Fly--the Hailey Kate Bag

One of the beautiful handbags offered from Project Free 2 Fly--the Hailey Kate Bag

I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Hailey. I love how God uses women to empower women. I loved hearing about how she started Project Free 2 Fly and what God is doing not only in the women in their program, but the women in the local community. Please connect with Hailey and Project Free 2 Fly and help support their efforts to empower local women.

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