Episode 27: Sofia Dickens

For Episode 27, I chat with Sofia Dickens. She is a wife, mom of 3 and a mompreneur. She is the founder of the company, EQtainment, whose mission is to improve emotional intelligence globally by creating fun and simple tools for practicing social skills and better behavior. 

First of all, Sofia held one of my dream jobs--she anchored Channel One News that seen in homerooms across the country. I think I even have a demo video somewhere that I sent to them. I'm sure you would all love to see that!

Sofia and I have such an insightful conversation about emotional intelligence. We chat about parenthood, how to develop your child's EQ and what its like to be an entrepreneur. 

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I hope you enjoyed Sofia as much as I did. I was really encouraged and challenged in regards to developing my kid's EQ. Parenting can feel overwhelming. There just seems to be so much to say or to do, but I truly value people who can help take something overwhelming and give me bit size ways to apply it to my life.

I want to work on some of the things she mentioned as to how to develop my child's EQ--like teaching them to read a room and to be adaptable. I think one of the biggest gulps I took during our conversation was when we talked about helping our kids see that failure is not bad but as a clue to see what you can do different next time. I need to teach myself that, too.

The board game Q's Race To The Top truly is my kids favorite board game. Each turn, a child gets to either do something active or answer a question like "What is something Q could have done to calm his frustration and have a better attitude?" I've seen my kids think through and answer the question on Q's behalf and then as the parent I can help them see a similar situation in their own life. And the big news is that we will be giving away one board game this week over on Instagram!! So be watching my instagram @sarahwbragg for that picture.

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