Episode 26: Tindell Baldwin

Tindell Baldwin joins me for Episode 26. She wrote a memoir called Popular: Boys, Booze and Jesus. It's an honest read about her story of growing up in a christian home but walking away from God in high school in order to find love and acceptance. Its a story of redemption.

Whether you are a young woman in college or a mother of a teenager or maybe a woman with a similar past, Tindell's story will resonate with you. I particularly enjoyed chatting about perfectionism, shame and fear.

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I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Tindell. I wish you could have been sitting at my kitchen table with us. Tindell is so fun to chat with. My favorite takeaway for me was the part of our conversation around grace for the good girl. Sometimes the good girl is simply the best performer. I desperately want that root of perfection rooted out. And Lord knows that I've modeled perfectionism for my kids. I really want to think about how I handle failure and imperfection. Tindell said, "Do we fear that our kids will use our humanness against us?" I don't want to fear. I want them to see my imperfections. Perfection is intimidating. Everyone relates to failure. 

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