Episode 23: Sandra Stanley

Sandra Stanley joins me for Episode 23. She is wife to Pastor Andy Stanley and they live here in the Atlanta area. They have 3 kids--one out of college and two in college. And once they crossed the finish line--the one we all dream of and became empty nesters--God surprised with them. He led them to become foster parents.

I don't know about you, but as a woman I treasure any time that I get to sit at the feet of a woman who is down the road from me. I want to hear about all the things. And this episode is chocked full of great advice. Advice for foster parents, young moms, wives and all women young and old no matter what stage of life. We also talk about her book, The Comparison Trap, along with what it looks like to choose obedience, to live out the fruit of the spirit and to find your worth in something that doesn't change. 

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