Episode 19: Annie F. Downs

Annie F. Downs joins me for Episode 19. She happened to be in town and we got to meet and chat at my kitchen table. I love that because that's how I would want to be talking to each one of you. There is something very personal about opening up your home and sitting across from them at your table.

Annie is a full-time speaker and writer who also happens to have some killer hidden talents that we talk about in the show. We talk about how she went from an elementary school teacher to a published author and communicator along with what its like to be 35 and single. Plus, we have a first on Surviving Sarah--a lightning round. You don't want to miss that towards the end of the show.

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  • Sky Miles Club
  • Always carry socks

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Thank you for listening to the show! I love spending time with you. I hope that parts of Annie's story resonated with you like it did with me. What was your takeaway?  


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