Episode 126: Shaunti Feldhahn

It was a privilege to welcome back to the show, Shaunti Feldhahn. She received her graduate degree from Harvard University and was an analyst on Wall Street before unexpectedly becoming a social researcher, best-selling author and popular speaker. She joined me on Episode 78 to talk about how men are wired.

But today, I asked her to come back on the show to talk about her new research. We talk about what it looks like to actually find rest. We talk about what true rest really looks like, what was surprising about her research, why women want to remain busy, how fear plays a role, and how to retrain yourself to notice the good which in turn brings you rest. 

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Shaunti's Survival Kit:

  • Pulling out perspective

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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • So much of our stress, worry and anxiety doesn’t have to be there. God promises rest. We often sabotage our own rest. Most of us have bought into the lie that we can have it all and be it all and we are not designed for that. So we have to make choices. Because we don’t want to miss something.

  • We feel better about ourselves when our calendar is full. And we worry about missing out. Social media can feed that in use.

  • Be a person who FEELS at rest even when you are busy and running around. Its not about figuring out how to not be busy. Life is just going to be busy. You have to figure out how to find rest in the midst of it.

  • These are all good things and you have to choose one. You have to believe that you won’t end up losing something but finding something. We have to learn to make choices. There is a common denominator running through the anxiety. And a lot of it has to do with the fact that we haven’t really learned to prioritize.

  • We are allowing things that cause anxiety to be our focus. What can you focus on that is excellent and worthy of praise?

  • Try the 30 day challenge - for 30 days, don't say something negative about that person or situation but instead say something kind and positive and generous.

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