Episode 110: Ashleigh Slater

I was happy to welcome Ashleigh Slater back to join me around my kitchen table. She was my second guest 2 years ago. We have a conversation about braving sorrow. We talk about loss—loss of jobs, houses, dreams, control, and even life. Loss can make for a hard season that we sometimes end up walking through alone. We sometimes don’t feel like we have the permission to grieve losses. We compare our losses and feel like ours isn’t worth grieving.

She talks about her “weeping years” where she walked through a number of losses in a couple of years. And she shares what she learned about herself, her community and her God because of it. 

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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • We live in a culture were we are supposed to rush things and not feel things. You have permission to grieve.

  • When you are in the middle of the sorrow, look for small gestures of God's love--daily reminders that He loves you.

  • You are the protagonist in your story. You will face hurt, loss and sorrow, but through those difficult things, you become stronger.

  • Before you face sorrow, find a support system. Treat it like an investment. Invest in other people so that you when face sorrow, you won't walk it alone.

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