Episode 101: April Christina Barron

April Christina Barron joins me for Episode 101. She is a talented vocalist, communicator and therapist who’s passion is to encourage, inspire, and offer hope to women in their relationships with God, themselves, their children, and with others. And she’d tell you that her greatest accomplishment would be overcoming the challenges of being an un-married, teenaged mother. She has successfully raised two amazing young men, one of whom, at 22 years old, is currently staring in a lead role in the nation's hottest musical, Hamilton, An American Musical, in Chicago, Illinois. Having overcome every obstacle and societal statistic thrust upon single, teenaged mothers, April pursues every opportunity to offer hope and encouragement to other women who face seemingly insurmountable odds.

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She shares her story of becoming a single mother as a teenager—what that was like and what pressures she faced and how she eventually learned what it looked like to lay aside the condemnation and walk in the freedom of grace. She also gives some advice to raising teenagers and how the church can support single parents. 


April's Survival Kit:

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Takeaways From Our Conversation:

  • One of my favorite parts was hearing her dad’s response when he found out she was pregnant. That is such a picture of grace. One of the greatest takeaways from this conversation was hearing her talk about laying down the condemnation and learning to walk in the freedom of grace. I don’t know your story. But I do know that we aren’t perfect people. We lead messy and often complicated lives. But no matter what you have done, you don’t have to prove yourself to God. You don’t have to earn back His affection. He’s not mad at you. He doesn’t hold it against you. Lay down the condemnation and breathe in His grace. And like April’s earthly father, let God’s arms cover you.

  • @@We often find our identity in what we do rather than just in who God created@@. Who did God create in you?

  • @@Be your authentic self with your kids@@. Invite them in to who you are and what you are interested in.

  • Pray over your kids. God purposes us when He created us; "God, show me who you have created them to be and teach me how to cultivate that in them.”

  • Single moms have a hard time asking for help. They take on a weight of responsibility that they were never intended to carry. When it comes to single moms, assume that they need your help. Don’t wait for them to help.

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