Broken Crayons Still Color

I had the privilege of being on the Broken Crayons Still Color podcast with Shelley Hitz to talk about how God uses the things that are broken in our lives for His good and His glory. I shared my story of learning to find contentment with who God made me to be. “We have to retrain our mind and just kind of relearn and replace the lies that we tend to believe with truth. I had to practice that, because of Jesus I am accepted, I am made holy, and I am dearly loved. That is the same for all of us. So I would encourage everyone to just practice being content to be you, and sometimes that practice looks like being thankful, just writing down three things today that I’m thankful for about my body. I’m going to change the way that I think about myself, and that comes through practicing gratitude, practicing putting truth in our hearts, and practicing today walking as if I am someone who is loved, made holy, and accepted.”

To listen to the show or read the transcript from the podcast, click here.