Books of 2015

Rising Strong // Where do I start about this book? It is about being vulnerable and leaning into your emotions so that when you fall or feel low, you can rise strong. This was a really easy read yet I am re-reading it in order to really process how I can implement the principles into my life.

What Alice Forgot // After falling at the gym, Alice wakes up thinking she is 10 years younger and forgets all that has happened in between including a failing marriage. I really enjoyed this book and was an easy beach read for me.

Love The Home You Have // This was such a good book. Melissa from The Inspired Room blog really hit it out of the park in giving practical tips for your home while helping you figure out how to love where you are.

The Nesting Place // "It doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful." Don't you just love that tagline? I loved this book so much that I have been giving it as gifts. There is great practical tips along with beautiful photos in a "coffee table" style book.

Grace For The Good Girl // Man, I think I underlined nearly every sentence this in this book. I felt like Emily was talking straight to me. This is all about the do good, perfection that some of us tend to have and how sometimes we think God's love is conditional based on our performance.

Big Little Lies // This is a take on elementary school yard scandal involving divorces, second wives, mothers, children, and many dangerous lies we tell ourselves to survive. It was a good read, but I liked What Alice Forgot better.

Bossypants // This is the story of how Tina Fey found success. Don't hate me, but I didn't love it. I like Tina Fey but was bored throughout her book. In fact, it took me months to finally finish it.

Interrupted // Jen actually wrote this book before 7. This was the precursor and she reveals the struggle with life and church and what it means to live on mission.

The Circle Maker // This was my second time reading this book. It is all about being intentional with our prayers. So many good takeaways from this book.

For The Love // This is a collection of essays that are fun, lighthearted and easy to read--much different than Interrupted. She talks about so many things from relationships to church to yourself in such a funny way.

Bread & Wine // This is a collection of short essays about the beauty of gathering around the table and how community is built there.

Adao's Dance // Adao's Dance is a narrative about a prairie boy, Adao, who receives a challenge from a holy man through a dream to leave everything behind to attempt the unthinkable. Our friend, Russ, is the author. If you enjoy fantasy and epic stories, then you will enjoy it!

There you have 12 good suggestions for your reading list. I heard Rick Warren say, "Leaders are learners." That is good advice for us to always continue to push ourselves to keep growing. In Episode 2 with Sarah Anderson, she gave so many great book suggestions and gave a stat from research about the benefits of reading fiction. I definitely want to do more of that in 2016! What did you read this past year? And what's on your reading list for 2016? So far, I want to read Big Magic and The Husband's Secret and Curious Faith.  Any other suggestions?